Post artwork from artcloud to Instagram and Facebook

How to post inventory from artcloud to Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms

To share artwork to Facebook or Instagram, you will need artcloud's mobile app, which you can download for either iOS or Android.

Step 1: Manage Mode
Once signed into the artcloud app, make sure you are in Manage Mode of the account and not the Market Mode by clicking Account -> Manage Mode. Manage Mode allows you to control your own inventory while Market Mode allows you to explore the artcloud marketplace.


Step 2: Select Inventory
Now that you're in Manage Mode — head to the Inventory tab and select the piece for sharing. At the bottom of the inventory profile, you'll see the channel options for sharing.


Step 3: Share
Along with Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook sharing options you're also able to send an SMS text and Email message containing a link to the piece of inventory on the marketplace.